Vibe Credit Union Sponsorship

Vibe Credit Union Sponsorship

Vibe Credit Union’s generous donations to many organizations annually greatly inspire our community. The SYA board deeply appreciates their role in fostering hope and support. Read more about their contributions.

Girls’ Events are gatherings where mothers, daughters, and women discuss important topics related to women’s and girls’ success in career, skills, interpersonal relationships, and professional development.

About this event:

The board of SYA expresses its profound gratitude to Vibe Credit Union for their extraordinary support and commitment to our community. Their significant donation of $2,000 to SYA has been instrumental in enhancing our efforts to serve the youth and families of Southfield. This generosity extends beyond monetary aid; Vibe Credit Union has actively participated in our events, showing deep compassion and understanding of our community’s challenges. Their involvement in providing school supplies for the Southfield Public Schools’ back-to-school event further underscores their dedication to education and the well-being of our children.

Vibe Credit Union’s actions have not only provided immediate assistance but have also set a remarkable example, inspiring others to contribute to our cause. We, the board of SYA, extend our heartfelt thanks for their role as a beacon of hope and a pillar of strength in our community. Their contributions serve as a powerful reminder of the positive impact businesses can have in enriching lives and fostering a stronger, more united community. Vibe Credit Union’s support has been pivotal in our endeavors, and we are deeply appreciative of their partnership in making a meaningful difference.

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