Mentors PLUS Program


Mentors PLUS Program

The Mentors PLUS Program connects compassionate adult mentors with Youth Assistance participants to provide companionship and role modeling. This initiative plays a crucial role in building the confidence and resilience of young individuals, bridging generational gaps, and offering support for a brighter future.

Through the Mentors PLUS Program, caring mentors serve as inspirational figures for Youth Assistance participants, offering invaluable life experiences and guidance. These connections empower young individuals to navigate the challenges of adolescence, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging personal growth. This program exemplifies the strength of intergenerational collaboration in shaping responsible and thriving young adults.


Guide to Submit Application form

For a smooth completion of the process, please start by carefully reviewing the steps outlined below. This will help you follow each part of the procedure correctly.

Step 1. Download Application Form

Select blue button Use Chrome as your browser. This step will download the form to your device.

Step 2. Complete All Fields

Fill in each required field with accurate information.

Step 3. Save Filled Form

Save the form as a named file with your changes on your device.

Step 4. Submit Referral form

Use the yellow button to choose the saved file on your device and then use the red button to submit it.

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Being a mentor for youth is a rewarding experience, offering the chance to positively impact young lives and shape future generations. Your guidance and wisdom can be a powerful force in their development and success. We warmly invite you to join us in this fulfilling journey as a mentor for our youth.