Board Membership


“Discover your passion for giving back through volunteering or board membership. Start your journey with us, showcasing your qualifications and commitment to our cause. Together, we nurture a culture of dedication and service.”

Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on our community through volunteering or becoming a board director. We’re a team driven by love, dedication, and a heartfelt desire for change. Aspiring board directors undergo an application process, new member orientation, and present their qualifications to the selection board. Upon selection, a probationary period ensures genuine commitment to our cause. We nurture a culture of dedication and servic


Guide to Submit Application form

For a smooth completion of the process, please start by carefully reviewing the steps outlined below. This will help you follow each part of the procedure correctly.

Step 1. Download Application Form

Select blue button Use Chrome as your browser. This step will download the form to your device.

Step 2. Complete All Fields

Fill in each required field with accurate information.

Step 3. Save Filled Form

Save the form as a named file with your changes on your device.

Step 4. Submit Referral form

Use the yellow button to choose the saved file on your device and then use the red button to submit it.

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The Board of Directors is the cornerstone of our mission to serve youth and their families. Their guidance and leadership enable us to achieve our goals. We invite you to apply to become a member of our Board and join us in this impactful journey.


New Board Member Orientation Course