Our Partners

Partners of non-profit organizations play a vital role in supporting and enhancing their goals, aligning with shared values and objectives. They contribute significantly through financial support, which includes donations, grants, or sponsorships, directly aiding the non-profit’s initiatives and projects.

In addition to financial aid, these partners provide valuable resources such as technology, expertise, and volunteers, collaborate on programs that further the non-profit’s mission, and assist in raising awareness about the cause. Their strategic advice in areas like management and marketing is also crucial, offering the guidance necessary for the non-profit’s growth and success.

The following organizations and businesses are key partners who play a crucial role in supporting and collaborating with our initiatives:

  • The Field Zone
  • Parks and Recreation
  • The Optimist Club
  • City of Lathrup Village
  • Project Bloom Girls to Women​           
  • Rotary Club (Academic Mentoring)
  • DENSO (Youth Recognition)
  • John Adams Mortgage Company 
  • Vibe Credit Union

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Step 1. Download Application Form

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Step 2. Complete All Fields

Fill in each required field with accurate information.

Step 3. Save Filled Form

Save the form as a named file with your changes on your device.

Step 4. Submit Referral form

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Collaboration is key in supporting youth and their families, as it amplifies our impact by pooling resources and expertise. We warmly invite your organization to collaborate with us in this crucial mission, ensuring together we can make a substantial difference in our community.