October 22 is Make a Difference Day. Started in 1992, Make a Difference Day has evolved into "one of the largest annual single-days of service nationwide. Volunteers from around the nation come together with a common mission: to improve the lives of others."

According to their website, "Make A Difference Day shows that anyone, no matter of age or background, can make an impact on their community. Thousands of projects take place every October. Some large, many small. But each effort makes an important difference to our communities."
Having a strong community is vital to the fabric of our society and to the fabric of who we are as individuals. Strong communities help each other. Strong communities are there when others aren't. Here at Southfield Youth Assistance our mantra is Strengthening Families Through Community Involvement

The old adage goes, "it takes a village to raise a child." When you think of all of the people who influence a child's upbringing, you realize the old adage is true. Think of all the people who influenced you as a young person. From parents, grandparents, family, friends, teachers, coaches, counselors; this list could go on and on. The importance of that village, that community, is vital to the positive growth and development of each and every young person. 

You may be thinking to yourself, "what can I do? I am just one person in this big world." One of our SYA board members, Ollie Colvard, said it best at our 2015 Youth Recognition Breakfast when she said, "...be a part of the village..." and "...jump in where you fit in." The smallest act of service can have a major impact on your community.

Southfield Youth Assistance is always seeking volunteers and board members to help fulfill our mission of preventing delinquency and neglect of our youth. From joining our board, assisting at our events throughout the year, or making a financial contribution, we cannot do what we do without our dedicated community.

For another way to help out in our community, check out our blog post about the Celebrity Readers Program through Southfield Public Schools.


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