Halloween Safety


As you get candy and costumes prepared for tomorrow, be sure to prepare for safety as well.

Halloween is an exciting day for kids. They are focused on their costumes and candy, and may forget their basic safety knowledge, like checking both ways before crossing the street.

Taking a few minutes to talk to your kids about Halloween safety can ensure that everyone has a fun, safe night.

Safe Kids Worldwide has some great tips to keep the kiddos safe this Halloween. Some of the tips they mention are:
  • Walk Safely
  • Trick of Treat with an Adult
  • Keep Costumes Both Creative and Safe
  • Drive Extra Safely on Halloween

They go into detail on all of these tips, which you can learn more about at their website, or see their tip sheet below.

Take some time to talk to your kids about Halloween safety. Be safe and have fun!

Can't see the list? Click here.


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