September is National Literacy Month. Southfield Youth Assistance is committed to promoting literacy to our young people. In the last few years we have encouraged reading by providing books to young people at our Story Time with Santa events.

The best way to encourage positive reading habits in children is to start when they are young. Southfield Public Schools offers a unique reading program aimed at fostering strong reading skills in young students.

The SPS Celebrity Readers Program "was created by the Partnership for Education Council of Southfield Public Schools and gives participants the opportunity to read to students in Head Start through 5th grade during 30 minute, bi-monthly sessions throughout the school year. The program operates in all SPS elementary and K-8 schools, including Bussey Head Start Center."

According to their website, here's how the program works:
  • Reading occurs in the classroom with the teacher present.
  • Reader signs up for a particular day and time to visit a school.
  • Reader selects a book (with assistance if necessary).
  • On the appointed day, bring in a book to share with the class and spend approximately 20 minutes reading the book and engage students in a question & answer session about the story.
  • Spend the last 10 minutes discussing how reading is important in your work and/or life.
  • Go home and savor the experience!

For more information or to volunteer, contact Alise Collier, Celebrity Readers Program Facilitator at or (248) 746-4338.

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